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MODUL PLC was founded in 1964 as a state owned enterprise for the production of reduction gears. Since 1996 the plant has been a 100% private property. The total amount of engineers, employees and workers is 100.

Today MODUL PLC manufactures reduction gears – worm, cylindrical, planetary and other gears as well as a great variety of spare parts made according to its own drawings or custom designed. Nearly 50% of the plant’s production is for export.

The main production sections are as follows:
1. preparatory section – equipped with band-cutting machines;
2. section for the treatment of the rotating details – axes, shafts, tooth-wheels, equipped with CNC machine tools, tooth-cutting machines, tooth-gouging machines, grinding and tooth-grinding machines, equipment for thermal treatment.
3. Section for the treatment of prismatic (body) details – equipped with CNC milling machines.
4. Section for the manufacture of punched details and welded constructions from sheet steel – equipped with guillotines and off-centered presses, gas cutting and laser machines, CO2 welding machines.

The diverse technological equipment and organization of work enable the production both of single parts and details and batch production.
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Address: 7100 Biala, Bulgaria
15 Kolio Ficheto Str.
Main accountant: +359 817/ 73 027
Sale: +359 817/ 72 465
Fax: +359 8178 72758
Е-mail: modul.byala@gmail.com

7100 Biala, Bulgaria15 Kolio Ficheto Str.

Main accountant: 0817/ 73 027
Sale: 0817/ 72 465
Fax: 0817/ 72 758

Е-mail: info@modul-biala.com

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